Bridging the gap between IC designers and foundries
Siliconlinx partners with IC companies and foundries to bridge the gaps between fabless IC design and
manufacturing. We have strong expertise and experience in advanced device modeling and comprehensive
design services. We provide  fabless design companies quick turn-around technology services and design  tools
to shorten design cycle and reduce product TTM ratio. We work with foundries to extend technology capabilities
by enhancing device models & design kits and providing  advanced modeling and design solutions.

We can help you if you run into the following situations:
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Looking at different technologies but not sure which  is the right one for your own applications

Selected one foundry process but don't have the resource and bandwidth to evaluate the quality set up a
robust and seamless design kit

Received the model and design kit from foundries but found that it cannot meet your design requirement

Designing into a foundry technology but found the device model predicts unreasonable behavior and you
need an enhanced model library

Working on your analog/RF design but need support in pcells, layout, backend service, technical support
in taping out to foundry.

Working on VLSI and RF designs and need DFM technical guidance and solutions.

Received and tested the silicon from foundry but need to debug the analog/RF circuits for issues
Generate customized device models based on PCM/WAT data for debugging and identify process/circuit issues
Generate statistical model library for circuit optimization and yield enhancement
FA support

Need analog/RF IP blocks and customized designs for specific applications.

Need ESD design and debugging support

Looking for a comprehensive design service from technology assessment, foundry model
evaluation/enhancement, design kit development, analog/RF IP blocks, ESD design and tools, and
foundry interfacing support to speed up your design activities and reduce your risks in design cycle
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understand your requirements and send you the information you need.